Can I use Swim Results for my meet?

Yes. Just click the Register link in the menu above and register your meet details. You can then log in and upload your entries and results.

How much does Swim Results cost?

Swim Results is free to use.

How do I upload my results?

After registering your meet you can log in using your licence number and the password you chose. After logging in you will see a form to upload your entries and your results files.

Which files do I upload for my results?

After each event, when you click "Full Event Results" in Sport Systems, the software creates a .RES file in the "reports" folder of your meet. There is one file for each event and these are the files you upload.

Can Swim Results show improvements vs entry times?

Yes. You should upload your Sport Systems entry files before your meet.

Which files do I upload for my entries?

In your Sport Systems meet folder there will be files with a .ENT extension. These are your entry files. There may be several of these files and you should upload all of them. The separate files are for Boys, Girls, Men, Women and Team events - the names will indicate which file is which.

Why can't I upload my entry files?

The system will not let you upload entry files after you have started to upload results. This is because existing results will not be linked to the entry files correctly.

Can I test the system?

Yes. The simplest way is to sign up using the details of one of your past meets and the upload the files.